TEAM 74 (2012)

Team 74 of the 3rd annual Max Min Competition

Putting Those Ideas Down On Paper… Or PDFs

The rest of the work is to put our ideas down into site plans and 3D images using photoshop. This part is done by the more experienced members of the group.

Our plans are as follows:

– A handicap accessible ramp that wraps around the stairs at the east entrance and connects to the building on the second level. This ramp will be 10ft wide and filled in beneath (besides the fire escape which will be left open). Then between the ramp and the stairs will be another level which contains plants.

– Another minor entrance to the building on the south side and an amphitheater which extends into the outdoor gallery also on the south side. The other entrance will enter into room 113. It will consist of a raised walk with rocks below. The amphitheater will be a place where professors can bring their classes outside, friends may gather, concerts may be held, etc.



– One last small addition to the entrance will be to use the small space to the right of the stairs on the east side as another place for plants.

The site plan for the project shown below gives a good representation of all the aspects we plan to incorporate into our design to make the east entrance to the Art and Architecture building a more accesible and inviting place.


Further Ideas

Our next concern was providing an area that could facilitate a theatre, classroom, assembly or some other sort of place to gather. To accomplish this, we plan to open up a place that has been unused, and unknown by many, for a long time. It will in part provide another less used entrance to the second floor while also providing a pleasant place for classes or gatherings of any sort to be held outdoors.

After we took some pictures and did some more sketches we decided to work separately and reconvene on Saturday.


Forming Ideas

We first solve the problem of an entrance to the second floor and make it handicap accessible. The entrance will not invade any of the surrounding space and will match the look and feeling of the building. The entrance will be more inviting and convenient for students and faculty and will easily allow for the amount of traffic that it will receive. Our plans include plants that will make the feature more seamless and keep the element of nature that the Art and Architecture building incorporates within and without.

Kicking It Off

We meet our team members in the atrium of the Art and Architecture building for the introduction of this years Max Min competition. Our project this year is to redesign the eastern entrance of UTK’s Art and Architecture building to access the second floor while also providing a space for people to gather. We first go outside to brainstorm and sketch our ideas.

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